Sunday, May 31, 2009

Haydn Anniversary

Today marks the 200 anniversary of the death of Joseph Haydn. Damian Thompson writes a sympathetic and compelling argument for re-exploring the work of this oft overlooked composer.


Bradley said...

Even though the text painting is not ideal (the tune ascends even as one sings, "Come down, O Love Divine"), I still find Down Ampney to be a stately and marvelous tune for this hymn. Ironic that some of the finest hymn tunes appear to have been written by those who refused to bow the knee (in this case, Vaughn Williams), though the church in the 20th century abandoned the Arts to such a degree that it left the door open to men like him to provide music for its liturgy.
It's heartening to see now, in at least some quarters, a resurgence of zeal for a wholehearted pursuit of the Arts solely as a work of returning to God praise using the very tools he has given us. So much better than using these same tools for ourselves.
Just discovered your blog; I look forward to more ruminations from you.
B Rule

Bettyann said...

Just returned from Austria, where the local village orchestra and church choirs perform several Haydn masses every year! Check out - I'm looking to put together an Aesthetics conference; you're my first invited presenter! Bettyann