Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quotes on Architecture

The following quotes on Architectural Theology come from Michal S. Rose.

Church architecture affects the way man worships; the way he worships affects what he believes; and what he believes affects not only his personal relationship with God but how he conducts himself in his daily life.

Architectural theology....simply means that church architecture is more than a matter of taste and more than a matter of tradition: what we build as a house of God should reflect what we believe about God.

One basic tenet that architects have accepted for millennia is that the built environment has the capacity to affect the human person deeply—the way he acts, the way he feels, and the way he is. Church architects of past and present understood that the atmosphere created by the church building affects not only how we worship, but also what we believe. Ultimately, what we believe affects how we live our lives. It’s difficult to separate theology and ecclesiology from the environment for worship, whether it's a traditional church or a modern church.

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Eric Brown said...

I never noticed Architecture affecting me until I visited Ely 3 summers ago. I was moved to worship and it was not the idolatrous worship of my childhood Roman Catholicism. Singing EvenSong in the 'choir' with the Choir was heavenly.

However, how do we square this with "Worship in spirit and truth" where Jesus divorces true worship from a particular place or environment? Where does this leave primitive culture churches or oppressed churches who must hide or house churches or ????