Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Liberal Arts Education

Inside Higher Ed has an interesting article on the state of Liberal Arts colleges and what their future holds. While debunking the common arguments for a liberal arts education, the author posits more worthy reasons. However, even these fall flat without an appropriate theological basis, foundation, and purpose for education. Nonetheless, the author has some interesting insights, statistics, and trends.


daybyday said...
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daybyday said...


I am completing my last course in order to receive a master's degree in adult education. I've been investigating the possibility of receiving a graduate certificate in liberal studies via online/distance education and from a Christian/Biblical worldview. Do you recommend any institutions that meet such criteria?

I have a BS in Bible & Elementary Education. I currently serve as a full-time preaching minister for an independent Christian church from the Restoration Movement heritage.

By the way, this year I'm reading The Christian Almanac. It is part of my morning devotional reading which includes the devotional Experiencing God Day by Day and the New King James Bible.