Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Horton Foote

One of my favorite authors, playwrights, and screen writers is Horton Foote. Alex Witchel has a great article about Foote, his history, and his upcoming productions. At the age of 91, Horton Foote is still very active--for which I am grateful. I have had the wonderful opportunity to produce several of his plays with high school students, and films such as Tender Mercies, Trip to Bountiful, To Kill a Mockingbird, and 1918 are among some of the best screenplays written.


book-end said...

Another Greg Wilbur post that resonates accord with me. What a national treasure Horton Foote is! One of my own treasures is a 1990 note on his printed notepaper (Wharton address) thanking me for sharing my junior high students' best work regarding my favorite living playwright.

We at Veritas School in Oregon look forward to producing his "The Dancers" this year in our Festival of One-Act Plays.

Greg said...

"The Dancers" was one of Foote's plays that I directed. I love his understatement but richly textured scripts. The characters come alive through the wonderful lines they say.

Have fun!

rachel said...

I was writing an e-mail to Rebekah the other day with the subject line "just look at that harvest moon".

Greg said...

How are you? Give us a call sometime.