Saturday, June 9, 2007


The name “Muhammad” is now the second most popular name for new baby boys in Britain, The Times of London reported. Taking into account the fourteen various spellings of the name, Muhammad rose 12% on the list and is expected to take the top spot away from “Jack” by the end of the year. The name first entered the top 30 in 2000. Muslims make up only 3% of the population of England, about 1.5 million people, but Muslim birth rates are three times that of other Britons.

The top ten names are: Jack, Muhammad, Thomas, Joshua, Oliver, Harry, James, William, Samuel, and Daniel.

A reader commenting about The Times article wrote, “The thin edge of the wedge is getting thicker.”

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Kermit & Elektra said...

That's okay; they can have Muhammed, b/c we've already taken over Jack.