Friday, January 12, 2007

Worship Notes 12 January

The concept of confessional worship creates an unfamiliar category
that challenges the better known ideas of contemporary or traditional.
Practically speaking, what is called contemporary or traditional can
be very subjective depending on time and place. As such, confessional
worship offers a corrective which transcends both categories. The
following thoughts may begin to help point us towards what that really
—Worship is the work of the Church—all other ministry flows out of
biblical worship
—Worship is coming before the throne of God and joining in worship with
the Church visible and invisible
—Worship provides joy, rest, and peace. It is restorative and
preparation for Godly living
—Worship is an efficacious tool in the process of sanctification
There is no substitute for corporate worship in the Christian life
—Worship is about what God requires, not what we like or prefer

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